Welcome to the Ball State University Fencing Club Web Site. Here you can find information about the club, its members, and about the olympic sport of fencing in general. This site is made for the purpose of passing information about the Ball State Fencing Club unto the students, faculty, alumni or Ball State as well as any interested parties from the surrounding community.

The BSUFC is a United States Fencing Association registered club, and is dedicated to teaching those interested in learning a new sport, advancing one's current skill level, or meeting new people and forming lasting friendships on the Ball State Campus. Membership to the club is open to all ages and skill levels for any current student of Ball State University.

New members to the Fencing Club will begin by learning basic fencing footwork, then gradually learn elements of fencing the most common fencing weapon, the foil. Each class will last 6 weeks and culminate with a USFA-style tournament between all new fencing students. Upon completion of the beginning class, any member willing to continue with their lessons in fencing may do so through private instruction or may take a course in either sabre or épée. For more information about the Ball State University Fencing Club, click on the Club Information link at the top of the page.